Cafe Mediterranean: Flavors of the Sun, MOA

A quick dinner before we headed to Cubao for Moonwlk’s album launch. Mediterranean cuisine is usually not my “go-to food” when I’m too lazy to think of a good place to eat (or when in a hurry). I usually suggest some Japanese cuisine or if I’m really that lazy — McDonalds. Anyway, we ended up having dinner here.

I am not fairly familiar with the cuisine, so I honestly didn’t know what to order. It was all kebabs, basmati, pitas, and some food in a language I didn’t understand.

In the end we ended up ordering the following both with Basmati Rice instead of the usual Pita bread.

- Grilled Chicken Kebab (1st Photo, bottom left)
Grilled Beef Gyro Plate (2nd photo, bottom right)

Must Visit: Yes, if you’re seeking something different.

Cuisine: Mediterranean/Italian

Price: Php 200 - Php 350 (if you’re dining alone) & Php 600+ if you’re sharing a table.

Perfect for: The not so usual dinner date/Catching up with friends before having coffee.